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The Danish furniture philosophy
We demand high quality in everything we do, from materials and durability to ergonomics and design.

We constantly strive to offer our customers work chairs and office chairs with a quality above their expectations, so that they get the most from their chairs and feel good too
High demands
Our customers are demanding and knowledgeable.
They expect high quality in products, service and expertise. The customers’ demands and wishes motivate everyone who works at RBM.
We strive to exceed our customers expectations.
Durable design
We collaborate with leading designers in Denmark and other countries to ensure that we always stay a step ahead.
All design is based on Danish furniture aesthetics and design tradition.

RBM has a staff of product developers who, along with our designers, further develop the furniture.
We not only want to make beautiful and functional furniture, but also want to create optimized and ergonomically correct working environments.
Guaranteed good products
RBM guarantees that your new furniture will last for a long time.
We therefore provide a six-year guarantee on all of our products.
The furniture will of course last longer than that.

We even provide lifetime warranty on gas lifts.
Certified manufacture
In the capacity of being one of Northern Europe’s largest furniture manufacturers, RBM is of course certified in accordance with ISO 9001, environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001.
This quality certification ensures that you can be certain that our products and service comply with requirements of demanding contracts.
Tested for durability
One of the reasons why we can provide an extended guarantee is that we test thoroughly our furniture before it is released for sale.

Every detail must be perfect in order to comply with our quality requirements.
Just like a chain, no piece of furniture is stronger than the weakest link.

A piece of furniture from RBM lasts for a long time and withstands being viewed and used day after day, year after year.
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