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When it comes to task chairs, no manufacturer takes the environmental effects of its materials and processes more seriously than Scandinavian Business Seating.

As a company and a manufacturer of high- end office seating, we are acting now.
Globally, perhaps the difference we are making today is modest. But our mission- as our products, name and philosophy grow increasingly familiar in the market - will help seed other initiatives and inspire others to change their behaviour.

Call it how it is

The hard fact is this; With the growth in world population, the model of overconsumption and the incredibly wasteful use of resources is not sustainable.

By 2040, it is estimated that the global population will have reached nine billion. At the same time, as wealth increases and people consume more, our use of resources will increase ten-fold.

If we continue at the same speed and direction – we will in 2040 use 10 times the resources we should use if wanted to stay sustainable.

So what do we do?
We create more with less.

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